A child of Caribbean immigrants, I grew up in the multicultural and vibrant East End of London, UK. Like most children of Caribbean heritage, I grew up as a church baby. However, I did not form my own relationship with Christ until I turned nineteen. I was a single mother at this point and overwhelmed with complex challenges that were too difficult for me to overcome on my own.

My Passion

Once I surrendered my life to God and professed my faith in Christ, my life experienced radical change. I experienced the rebuilding of who I was, after having lacked a strong sense of identity for many years.

I am a firm believer in the life-giving relationship that I have with Jesus and desire for all to experience the kind of love and comfort that only He can give.

I care most deeply about women understanding the victory that is available to them through Christ. I've been in challenging and dark places, and I know what it is to feel as though there is no way out. My desire is to inspire hope within others that fosters belief and trust in God's power to work on their behalf. I pursue this work intentionally through the ministry I founded At The Well, this ministry provides spiritual support and encouragement to women on a healing journey.

The Writer

A love of writing developed for me once I felt that the insight and inspiration I would receive from God would be too much to keep to myself. Additionally, as God took me through a seven-year healing journey from the effects of my past, I realised I had a story to share that would help women overcome in their own lives. These writings would be centred around the way that God sees and ministers to us inwardly so that we can be made strong and whole again.

My Hats

Life is made loud by my husband and three kids and although they'll never know it, I secretly enjoy the mystery in the madness which makes up my family life experience. Alongside regular cinema and bowling trips, I enjoy serving alongside my husband as one-half of an eldership couple in our local church congregation. Throughout the day you'll find me guiding and teaching young minds in my job as a primary school teacher!