Marilyn Johnson is a passionate and relatable Christian. She is also a wife and the mother of three children, Joshua (15), Isaac (8) and Anaya (3). A born-and-bred Londoner, Marilyn now resides on the outskirts of London in Essex, UK.


Marilyn attends the ARC church in Thurrock, Essex with her family, where she serves with her husband as an eldership couple.

Being multi-talented and malleable in ministry, Marilyn has experience leading both children and worship ministries. She is, at her core, a woman of prayer. Being an experienced intercessor (a person who regularly prays for others), she naturally gravitated to the prayer ministry of her current church. She now serves as the assistant lead of the prayer and intercessory ministry.

Marilyn is a natural encourager with a heart for women. She greatly desires to see women gain victory over past or present challenges and move on to excel in all that God has called them to be.

The Writer

Marilyn began her writing journey after feeling strongly impressed that this was something God desired her to pursue. At the back of her mind was the memory that she only graded averagely for her GCSE English, so she felt at first that writing wasn't the path for her. She soon realised, however, that her aptitude for writing had progressed and developed greatly since her teenage years, resulting in a great improvement in her skill and ability to communicate through the written word.

Marilyn felt inspired to tell her story of the challenges she overcame in her late teens and early twenties. Being obedient to this leading, she began writing in the summer of 2019. Progress was slow, with the pressures of work and family preventing her from having much time to work on the book. Then Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown provided what she had so longed for - time and the perfect opportunity to complete her book. After three months of intense labour, her manuscript is finally complete and currently in publication.

The Teacher

Marilyn trained as a primary school teacher and has spent her career working in local schools since 2010. Having to break down and dissect the most basic concepts for the very young has equipped her with an ability to explain difficult concepts of the Christian faith in a way that makes them easy to understand.

As well as her classroom teaching career, she is also a "mum-preneur" with her own local tutoring business.


Marilyn enjoys cooking as well as eating delicious food that someone else has cooked. She also loves hanging out with close friends, again, usually over something delicious to eat.